Dear visitor,

Welcome to this recently released cybernetic portal, which has been designed to show our visitors the adaptation of the HCS Group to the new market requirements.

HCS is the leading company in integral social-sanitary equipment in the health business in Spain, transferring all its know-how to the relax and assistance sector. Since Pardo’s joining the investment company MCH in 2006, a process of widening of targets and business extension started, which has been strengthened through the acquisition of two leading companies in the social-sanitary sector, Oihana and Astaburuaga. Together we have created the HCS Group, Health & Home Care Systems.

Our Group has been born with one objective: to take care of our customers, understanding as customers both the patients users of our hospital and geriatric beds and the people nursing them. And, of course, to take care of all our customers of the Home Division, thousands of people who have trusted our Company as the leader in the relax and health sectors.

In order to attain the above targets, we have the best professionals in the business, a staff wholly devoted to exceed our customers’ expectations, as we think that our leadership in the market can continue only if we are able to analyze the new market requirements, which will allow us to set up trends with new technologies and products.

Our everyday work in research and discovery of new solutions is supported by our commitment to offer highly competitive products including a significant difference in regard to the market’s available offer, as well as by our additional commitment to inform and train our customers about new products and new techniques.

We hope that you will find the solutions to your requirements in this web, as they are also ours. Therefore, we wish it will prompt a continuous exchange of opinions and suggestions allowing us to go on taking care of you through your whole life.

Thanks for your visit. Yours sincerely,


Fernando Artero
General Manager
HCS Group

Pardo Oihana Astaburuaga