HCS Group, Home and Health Care Systems is the result from the consolidation of the strongest and best known companies of the business sector: Pardo, Oihana and Astaburuaga, building up the leading and reference group for the integral Social-Sanitary equipment in Spain.

Some of the Group’s highlights include…….
  1. Consolidation of the three leading companies in the business sector.
  2. Complementarity of the companies. So the GROUP is able to meet all requirements and to offer an integral equipment for the Social-Sanitary System.
  3. Leadership recognition by the market both for every individual Company and the Group as a whole.
  4. Experience in the business. Over 130 years altogether support our experience in the Social-Sanitary business.
  5. Wide and highly recognized marketing network and long business experience. Our Commercial Departments staff some “Gurus” of the business, who have set up market trends in Spain.
  6. Creation of group synergies. A better use of corporation departments giving an integral service to the GROUP.

Group’s foundations include….

  1. Quality commitment with our customers.
    Presently, we have undertaken some actions to increase the number of sanitary certifications of the group in a short term.
  2. Innovation, design and investment in new technologies
    In the last 5 years, HCS GROUP’s investments in technology and equipment exceed EUR 5 millions.
    The targets for the next years include the re-design of some of our products and the creation of new product ranges.
  3. 3. A staff committed with the attainment of a common project
    The motivation and commitment of the GROUP’s staff has been demonstrated by the achievements and attainment of objectives in the last years, leading these companies to the highest productive and competitive levels.
Pardo Oihana Astaburuaga